Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kenape saye suka katun YazidTorpedo?

hi all, today I want to share a story! ada orang lukiskan kartun untuk biha!!hehe .. cute sangat.. :)

okay, I know about him from someone who r became my mentor in a program that i join. his name is 'abg syed.. huhu, want to know? click on his name..
the name of people who r draw a cartoon for me is 'abg yazid' he use Adobe Flash software:) any questions, please ask the owners body k...

here, biha nak bagitau kat u all, since the first time i see abg yazid blog, biha excited gler!!.. why2?? because there are a lot of cartoons that adorn his blog ..cute!
the reasons why i like his cartoon issss? jeng3:

* the cartoon will describe the content contained within each his entry.
   wahhh amazing !!....(if I can do) huuurrrmmm .... :]
* the cartoons make me jealous! ggrrr. jealous because biha do not know how to make it.. huk3,,i want to learn! abg yazid,, teach me , please :))
* the cartoons really2 cute! nak je biha cubit2 kartun tu, macam biha cubit bear dalam bilik biha.. huu..
* cartoon tu unik .. because it has a round body shape.. chubby .. no legs. hehe,, horror? nonsense.! cartoon jelah :)
***** biha do not know how to explain why i like abg yazid cartoons. i like praise something  .. but do not know want to explain why .. :)
but honestly, this cartoon is really cute ..

p/s english xbgus, :(
thank you abg yazid :)

sebarang komen, tulis je.! jgn malu2 :)

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yazid said...

terimakasih Biha :)


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